Friday, February 20, 2009

Reflections 5

I knew that this world is going crazy lately, but some things are going beyond even my wildest imagination.

Consider this :

1. Some folks in Iran are claiming that Darwin is the cause of Terrorism ! The origins of species, humans, apes, bla-bla-bla. Those are subjects I would expect hearing about that beardy Victorian lad, but the reality bites harshly. Everything today must be said in an Orwellian language.

2. The other party claims awkwardly that your fellow Ahmadinejad is himself not other but a jew ! Forget about Hitler, Stalin, those are the remnants of the last sentury. Today's brave world willingly compares Gaza to Treblinka, apples with pineapples,
Australian rabbits to Alaskan hares and so on.

Definitely the world is coming to end. Even english language in the tendency to become Lingua Franca of the planet vulgarizes to blogs, widgets, blidgets, and what not. It sounds harsh as much as Russian and I know what I'm talking about, cause I'm that God damned communist of which late Zappa was singing ...

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