Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reflections 7

Social history imprinted on personal conscience the stereotype of government’s monopoly on power. Free peoples perished under the onslaught of conquerors; as Machiavelli noted, it is impossible to conquer the people who are not used to submission – so they were exterminated. In the human world of incessant wars, submissiveness proved a beneficial evolutionary trait.
- Samson Blinded

Yes, Obadia, it seems so, that it might be beneficial in the evolutionary terms because you have a chance to propagate your genes further. But the question is it applicable to the human beings to the same degree of true fullness of thought as such is almost universal Law of Nature ? Whereas the memes are more important than genes ? That's at least what we hear from all religious and spiritual teachings. Like not to the realm of human beings you are supposed to strive. You will go to Hell, probably. Or to the full oblivion if you are a sturdy materialistic believer.
There are more than two versions of course, and we shouldn't be bothered at the moment, trying to analyze them all. What we do need to point is the inconsistency of time frame when you speaking about the personal salvation and the time needed for evolution to work.


The Prince of Centraxis said...

All thy points are valid - but not so the quote at the beginning. Thinking wisely? I think not! And thought - or programing - is behind most human activity.

And keep up the Great Work!

Shea said...

I love that picture a lot. Whose art work is it? who is the artist? Is it a painting? Where can I find more about it at?
I am going to link to this post. The painting is awesome.

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