Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reflections 17. In the eye of bee holder

In the meantime our societies becoming more and more like swarming insects. Instant buzzing over the last fads of fashion brings us the satisfaction of life fullness. The question is what kind of insects we are prone to become, more like a locusts or a bees ?
If our way is the locust like behaviour we need to find new planets to encroach as soon as possible, otherwise this field of Gaea will be soon all chewed up and digested. If, on the other hand, we choose to be like a bee, our task is to learn hexagonal view of world. To put my words in the right perspective read what Professor Luke Lee have to say :

"Even though insects start with just a single cell, they grow and create this beautiful optical system by themselves,"

"I wanted to understand how nature can create layer upon layer of perfectly ordered structures without expensive, fabrication technology," he said.


Bob said...

You left a comment on my post saying you would might want to exchange links, but I see no blog roll on your site or anyway to contact you except through this post comment.

MechApe said...

Yea Bob, there is no blogroll at the moment. But I'm going to redesign this blog in the next couple of days, when I'm done I let you know.

Dr.Bruce said...

Sociologists have been making the analogy between humans and insect organization for many years. Bees is an interesting comparison. We certainly do need to learn how to work together more harmoniously.

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