Friday, April 24, 2009

Jaunty Jackalope is out Microsoft earnings down

Today was release day of venerable Jaunty Jackalope - April 2009 release of Ubuntu Linux distribution. At the same time Microsoft reported sharp 33% fall in the net income compared to the first quarter of 2008.

While Open source software bussines model is still unproven concept, completely unrelated to this fact i found Facebook looming from the Time magazine internet site.

Surprisingly Facebook article was the most popular, ranking higher than Obama's 100 days. "Not to be hated" topic is a clear sign of recession exuberances or undermined manifestation of social unconscious ? No question - back to the article headline -

Frivolous Jaunty against Microsoft, Obama against Facebook:
make your bets now.

Though I must admit Obama is not exactly what Microsoft used to be seen, still i can make my comparisons as wild and unreasonable such as no bits-and-zeros driven AI could outsmart, no matter which operating system you prefer :) Moreover it is also not influenced by weird market conditions. Don't make this mistake when you start engineering next derivatives bubble. Human behaviour is still very much unpredictable. Elephant theories in Nessy search should be exploited as much as needed, the public should be fed with plausible but improbable explanations ad nauseum.

On the factual front :
Canonical issued 4 releases of Ubuntu since Microsoft Vista and likely to have 5-th - Carmic Coala before Windows 7. But there is two more quarters to go, meanwhile i predict more cannibalism in the market shares of Microsoft notwhithstanding how cute Ubuntu animal zoo may sound.

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