Saturday, April 04, 2009

Silly 2. Entrecard changing gears

I couldn't stop laughing

I never approved an anti-God ad, so I can't reject it. I think it is a bug.

And the anti-God shows at the other sites I visited today. It is strange.

This message appeared today on forum board of Entrecard community.

The context where "anti-God" shows his face is utterly biblical.
Reminding me the tale of innocent Adam not aware what his wife has done :)
Generally it is used to call for "anti-God" Devil or in Hebrew Satan, muslim Shaitan e.t.c.

Entrecard, as of today, started implementing his long touted new model - running paid ads alongside biding ads from members of Entrecard community. And one of the first ads happens to be somewhat controversial site with atheist content. Since pretty large portion of entrecarders used to autosurf and auto allow almost any bids as long as they receive credits, this could potentially lead to unpleasant results.
And this what actually happened, spouting such a humorous reaction.


Mike said...

I rejected the ad when the party posted as a blogger - content not appropriate for my site. I again rejected the ad when submitted as a paid ad - I am on and they will not allow paid ads - even if they did allow paid ads, I would reject this ad as it does not fit with the content of my site.

Tutorials and Such said...

It might be useful to link back to the forum post. I know where it is but many users might not.

MechApe said...

Thank you for pointing the exact location of the thread.

Although it is a public forum, sometimes I feel better to leave such information in the semi-private mode.
Those rules are not rigid, more depending on my current mood :)

Anonymous said...

The new EntreCard advertising system shall brings many hilarus situations

Harrison said...

I am getting so many paid ad requests it is a real chore to go through them all. Very annoying. I think they will end up losing many members, thereby decreasing their audience reach.

RevOxley said...

i must be the anti-god in the hell did they decide that my ad should have been a jewelry one?

RE Ausetkmt said...

whooooo hoooooo !
this is some funny stuff -
My God Rev Oxley is Now The Anti God Site..

wow.. I need to wipe my screen off cause I spit all over it, sorry. but these are some really funny comments.

and then Ragin Rev Replies - WOW Priceless !

Erik said...

No paid ads on my site! :D

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