Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clickstream map of science

An interesting example from academic research how our web surfing habits derived from clicksteram might facilitate another understanding or put it more fashionable another "new knowledge". I wonder if Wolfram Alpha could manage something on this scale, given we will feed it with needed data.
From the "paper" itself :
we investigated a methodological issue: can valid, high resolution maps of science be derived from clickstream data and can clickstream data be leveraged to yield meaningful insights in the structure and dynamics of scholarly behavior? To do this we first aggregated log datasets from a variety of scholarly web portals, created and analyzed a clickstream model of journal relationships from the aggregate log dataset, and finally visualized these journal relationships in a first-ever map of science derived from scholarly log data.

What I learned quickly, though I knew it before is a startling disconnection between what we call "brain research" and "brain studies"

Though you might think that we should be discussing one freaking entity, obviously there is Cartesian dichotomy, even if it is not named as was originally stated "Mind-Body Dualism".

Another curious fact - one of the first sciences - Geography is almost non existent, represented just by one dot :)


L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

interesting observation. I am surprised Geography even exists on this chart.

Daisy said...

just droppin by to say thanks for the ec ad! I have accepted it and should be running in a few days!

schizoshrink said...

droppin ec.. i like your simple layout.. see u!

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