Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reflections 11

One of the traits which clearly distinguishes human race from most animals is the ability to play games. Some may even say that this fact also shows our close relations to monkeys. But we like playing games more than apes. There are whole philosophies based on the axiom that all our life is just a game, a fluid dream. We are playing games most of our time. And more interestingly, we know how to smile differently from apes. No other creature knows this trick. Cheshire cat doesn't count, he dissapears when smiling. It is also really hard to fake genuine smile. Moreover even in our modern quests escaping reality into a new kind of virtual reality one of the first things we brought in were smileys. What does it tell about our possible future ?
Either we realize that life is real or we make game as real as a life :)

That's it, many brain wizards liked to complicate pretty simple things. But I'm not one of them, alas.


chungyen said...

I don't think it's life unless you're having fun. :)

Liane said...

I say enhanced brain capabilities. If we narrow it down to the little facts like ability to playing games, it might sound a little bit underrated. I do believe human beings are blessed when it comes to seeing and understanding things around.

MechApe said...

Liane :

I wasn't underrating all the blessings we have as a humans. I just pointed out something different :)

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