Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reflections 12

I was going to write about a mystical meaning of knowledge in Kabbala, but once again i was overturned by immense stupidity of

This time we are talking about recycling jewelery. You need rings and here comes a green green alert for all the gold bugs out there. Gold, gold, buy gold. Not so fast, take it easy, in recycling manner. You can "donate" your old gold and receive newly crafted green gold for the value of 10 times higher. How it is done i wonder ?
If you running preparations to your wedding through a bloging campaign all miracles can become true, no need to be alchemist.
Read this
Reading about recession can be entertaining afterall.
Weddings are becoming cheaper, but still not cheap enough to have new babies-would-be-consumers-very-soon.

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