Friday, March 13, 2009

Reflections 13

Today is special. You may reveal it if you add the number of years (in zero notation :)) with the number of months, the sum is equal to number of days. Statistically inclined minds may even like to find how often this coincidence occurs. Isn't it wonderful ?
But what is so special about year 2009 ? Wasn't this date chosen rather deliberately during the declining phase of so hated by the followers of Christ Roman Empire ? Till the present days we don't find compelling historical evidences that the man was alive, put aside crucified. And what about 12 months of the year ? Their history may be traced back to Babylonians. Why is it so ? May be they were exited by finding the rules of the art doing trisection of the angle ? That way they could divide a circle or the sky into 12 equal parts. This does seems random at first, but going through ages of human history, today become somehow special. As much as our abstract, but rational math can tell the numbers itself are not bound to the reality, yet the rules of creation mathematical constructs are embedded in our brains.
More than anything else this day is special because of our obsessing
love with counting the time. Which started prominently in medieval Europe, when they erected huge clock towers right in the middle of their small towns. This trend was accelerating to the enormous proportions of seeking numerological mystical meanings in any day of our everyday life. It doesn't matter that today is 13-th already.
Each day has it's meaning ...

Btw, the image above celebrates not days but seconds in Unix time.
You see the craze accelerates. People of nano, pico, femto technology will probably ridicule our primitive ways of life. But may be, they will be bound to Unix time, who knows :)

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