Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reflections 15. Desperate times calls for desperate scams

We are experiencing the first global recession and according to capitalistic wisdom, desperation is the stepmother of invention.
You know, like the one in the folk tale Cinderella, poor girl runs away to the ball and suddenly finds her Prince.
On the net, in web terms, the tale of Cinderella may acquire new overtones. Let's see what is about me2everyone scam.
According to the advertising clip of this new, out of the blue site, you can become a happy owner of Cinderella like happiness just by signing into their program. By doing this you will help this Ponzi scheme to survive difficult depression times, and somewhere around year 2012 (sic) you will see the benefits.
Combine two recent hype stories: virtual worlds and the latest version "end of the world as we know it", toss in pretty looking girl and voila - new me2everyone dot zero scam. I checked the search trends in google trends

It seems that the the scam originates from Balkan countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia. Recently it also hit London - nice landing for a provincial invention.
Speaking of virtual worlds, their general near future doesn't look so shabby even for a non scam players. In the last annual meeting of Virtual Worlds Expo, renamed Engage, we don't find the darling of the virtual worlds trend - Second Life. But there are new memes to propagate - engagement opportunities !

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