Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reflections 15. Obama marxist mole - no.

Some say that Barack Obama is a Marxist mole.

George Plechanoff, once called the father of Russian communism, knew how to theoretically explain the link between Descartes mind-body philosophy with the Huguenot wars in line with the principles of historical materialism. - "it is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but, on the contrary, their social existence that determines their consciousness." (K. Marx)

Can Obama do this ? The answer is not, i doubt he even knows who is Plechanoff at the first place.

OK, he is not theoretician. What about practice ? Today it would be hard to point just one source of "opium for the masses". But really politically engaged Marxist would come with something like this - "The hip-hop clickable culture is the opium for the masses. You click - they steal your add value eyeballs. Lumpen-investoriat of the whole world unite in one massive blow against the heartless capital. One eye, one heart, many minds - unite !"

Obama is not saying such nonsense. For better or worse nobody is able to conduct meaningful Marxist campaign.
Asian production mode, so retarded in Marx view, overwhelmed rich industrialised countries. Alright, it is not what you think "Asian production mode", to know the truth you'd better read "Das Kapital". Exercise your understanding of the first 3 volumes by trying to resolve mind-body problem in the formation of Indian caste system.

See you afterwards. It must be admitted, though, that Marx's theory of knowledge is not for a faint hearted (and you won't find it in his seminal works. Read Engels "Anti-Dühring", better). Obama is not commie by any stretch. He is a normal socialist demagogue, still bourgeoisie, if you don't mind this outdated description.


Chris Wysocki said...

Bruce Walker writes at The American Thinker:

People worry that Barack Obama is an American Lenin. No: Barack Obama is an American Konstantin Chernenko, a very dull man with very tired programs. The invented giddiness which Obama gets from the mainstream media is already getting tedious to the public. Pravda reports of addresses by General Secretary Chernenko invariably informed readers of the "prolonged, stormy applause" which followed. That is the banality of Obama.

MechApe said...
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askcherlock said...

From caste systems to socialism, is there really anything new in the political realm? Whatever spin you are in is probably where you will stay. Who said that there is nothing so certain as change? I tend to agree that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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